About ATIO

ATIO is a certified Level 2 Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) contributor which on its own entitles ATIO’s customers to claim 125% recognition of their procurement spend with ATIO for their own B-BBEE certification (under “Preferential Procurement”). ATIO has been recognized as a Value-Adding Supplier (VAS) which entitles our customers to an additional 156.25% recognition of their procurement spend. In addition, as ATIO is classed as a black owned company, a further 156.25% of our customers spend will be recognized as Preferential procurement.  What this ultimately means for ATIO’s customers, is that because they are making use of us, our customers can claim a total of 312.5% recognition of their procurement spend with ATIO for their own B-BBEE certification.


The Team

Chris Van der Sande

Tim Courtenay
Managing Director

Dawn Hollingworth

Managing Director

Andrew-Face Lesabe
HR Director

Annelie van de Venter
Financial Director

Tieho Motloung

Business Executive

Mobile Network Services

Pontsho Seriti
Legal Compliance Officer

A leader in providing specialised ICT services

Shareholding and B-BBEE


B-BBEE Status

ATIO is a certified Level 2 B-BBEE contributor for the period 25 November 2013 to 24 November 2014. Our B-BBEE Status Level 2 allows our customers to claim a total of 312.5% recognition of their procurement spend with ATIO for their own B-BBEE certification. 125% recognition is from ATIO having Level 2 status, 156.25% recognition is because ATIO has been classified as a Value Adding Supplier and the remaining 156.25% recognition is because ATIO is classified as a black-owned company.

Skills Development

We have proven our commitment to transformation by meeting or exceeding scorecard expectations with our previously disadvantaged staff community of more than 50% (May 2010). ATIO is committed to the ongoing training and development of our staff and the creation of business opportunities with small, medium and micro enterprises.

We believe successful businesses are made up of outstanding individuals, which is why we invest significantly in the ongoing training of our employees. With the constantly changing technological landscape, it is essential that ATIO's employees stay ahead of the pack by attending courses and seminars, both internally and externally. We also strive to ensure that at least 60% of our management development programmes are attended by previously disadvantaged South Africans. At ATIO, training and development is not an obligation, it's an investment.


ATIO has successfully established a viable base of suppliers from previously disadvantaged communities and is committed to maximising procurement from black enterprises. Currently 59% of our procurement of non-stock items is from black empowered suppliers. As South Africa grows and thrives, so ATIO plays its part in ensuring that there is enough reward to be enjoyed by everyone. We see the future as a warm and sunny place with enough room for all.


Favourable Payment Terms

In terms of our Preferential Procurement and Enterprise Development policies, which are aligned to statements 500 and 600 of the B-BBEE ICT Sector Codes, Atio Corporation has implemented favourable payment terms in favour of Small Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME) categorised as follows:

1. Businesses which are at least 50.1% owned by black persons;
2. Businesses which are at least 25.1% owned by black women;
3. Businesses with at least 5% shareholding held by black persons with disabilities.

Businesses meeting the criteria outlined above are eligible for our favourable payment terms.
If so, please enquire with our Legal Compliance Officer who can be reached at the following e-mail address: Pontshos@atio.co.za.

Corporate Social Investment

We know we can make business work better, now we are working on making the world a little better too.

Over and above developing our people and doing what we can to help them flourish, we also have a responsibility to our community. ATIO has identified the following initiatives, which we serve and support with passion:

Current Projects

ATIO Charity Call Centre

Women's Day

JAM (Joint Aid Management)