Telecom Services

We provide service assurance and network performance management solutions to telecoms operators, service providers, technology vendors and regulatory authorities. We also offer selected unique products to our customers to permanently enable their service assurance and quality management processes. Our valued customers range from niche players to the largest multinationals in the industry. Our services and solutions combine ATIO expertise with world-class products to deliver exceptional value to our clients.



Wireless Network Services

Mobile network operators are always under pressure to get more performance out of their networks. Upgrades to 3G, HSPA and LTE, vendor swaps, capacity or coverage upgrades and introduction of new features and products all need to be done in a tightly controlled manner and with rapid execution. And you must know your competition. ATIO offers specialist technical services to test, measure, optimise and manage quality throughout the network lifecycle. Our services range from drive-test benchmarking to RAN optimisation and network KPI maintenance. We combine our expert skills with best-in-class test, measurement and post-processing tools to deliver real value to our clients.

In the mobile core, we use the sophisticated IxiaTM solutions to perform advanced service emulation for end-to-end, single element and wrap-around testing. We test the network’s ability to launch new services effectively, replicate complex network problems and verify network element configuration before launch. Call us. We can help.

Benchmark Drive Testing

ATIO’s benchmark testing service (drive testing and user emulation testing) is offered to mobile network operators and telecommunication regulatory authorities. Independent benchmarking has become a key decision driver for operators to assess their customers’ experience relative to their competitors for both voice and data. It has also become an important tool in regulatory compliance management to provide objective information to other stakeholders such as government and public interest groups.

ATIO has unrivalled and internationally-recognised experience in delivering benchmark testing across all modern wireless technologies in diverse conditions and markets. Our rock-solid test methodologies and control mechanisms ensure an accurate result that offers a clear assessment of comparative service performance. Voice, data, VAS services, postpaid, prepaid, 2G, 3G, HSPA, LTE….ATIO covers all the permutations you need.

RF and Site Planning

Abraham Lincoln once said “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Planning a new radio network requires the same discipline – put effort into an optimal site plan and the desired end result (a quality network) will follow more easily.

ATIO uses industry-leading planning tools combined with hands-on experience in 2G, 3G, WiFi and beyond. We focus on delivering on the right service strategy to perform effective site planning. This includes site surveys using our automated Smart Site solution to ensure real-time integrity of survey data for nominal and candidate sites for both greenfield and existing site options.

Site Verification Testing

A necessary activity when performing a network rollout or upgrade/vendor swap is immediate Single Site Verification tests on the sites in question. ATIO has conducted Site Verification for thousands of 2G, 3G, and HSPA sites in countries across Africa. Our specific SSV methodology will be tailored to the vendor/operator needs that are relevant to the network.

Cluster Acceptance Testing

A mobile network upgrade, rollout or frequency plan implementation always requires cluster and network acceptance testing. ATIO offers this service to assist operators to complete their integration and acceptance testing quickly and effectively. Using the appropriate drive testing tools, NMS access and partnership with specialist Self Optimising Network solution providers, we offer a range of approaches and solutions to deliver the results operators need: an accurate and credible view of the necessary statistical Key Performance Indicators, drive test results and fault/exception event analysis to make a decision. These decisions have a significant financial implication.


RAN optimisation is an ongoing operational requirement for any wireless network. ATIO delivers this as a service to mobile network operators and infrastructure vendors. Our commercial models are flexible – delivered on a time and materials basis or outcomes based with milestone payments – allowing us to align ourselves with the preferred engagement model of our customers.

Our delivery capability includes the deployment of project management capability, Radio Network Optimisation engineers, data analysts, drive test resources, specialist tools and more.

Service and Network Emulation

ATIO provides service and network emulation testing to mobile and fixed line operators. The services are designed for functional testing, performance testing and negative testing. In all instances the control plane and the data plane can be tested independently or in combination resulting in realistic real world testing performed in a controlled environment while realistic mobile user profiles are incorporated.

IP Service Assurance

ATIO provides independent test services and systems, service assurance and management solutions for network operators, service providers and equipment vendors.

IP Performance Testing

ATIO provides market leading IP performance testing solutions to our clients. The available solutions can be used to test layer 2-7 networking and application devices of all types.

For regression testing purposes an advanced test automation platform is available allowing the complete automation of the test equipment as well as the devices and systems under test.

Broadband Service Assurance

ATIO provides a number of solutions that are utilised to measure and monitor broadband and transmission services. Ensuring that a newly deployed service is ready for service, basic RFC2544 tests from a centralised location through to properly emulating end users to determine the expected customer experience and stability can be performed using the Ixia solutions.

Deployed services can be constantly measured and monitored to ensure that the required customer experience is maintained on the commissioned service. To this end a combination of Ixia’s Active testing and SevOne’s network performance monitoring solutions can be used to measure all service assurance KPI’s.

Network / Service Fault Diagnostics

Using the multitude of solutions available from ATIO (including ATIO’s in-house technical specialists), detailed analysis and fault diagnostics can be performed to identify and diagnose the most difficult of network and service issues that cannot be resolved by normal means.

The fault diagnostics can take various forms including, but not limited to:

  • Collection and analysis of network generated information.
  • Emulation of load / traffic profiles triggering the network/service failure.
  • Duplication of fault in a pre-deployment environment for evaluation and resolution testing.
  • In depth analysis of test result to pin point the exact cause of the fault.
  • Collaboration with Vendors to resolve identified fault.